Martial Arts Programs in Perry Hall:

From taekwondo classes for kids, to advanced martial arts training for adults, New Wave has programs for everyone!

Are you rushing from work daily to make sure your children are getting picked up from school on time? Worry no longer! Our friendly New Wave Team will be glad to eliminate that stress from you, while giving your children a fun and educational environment to go to while you finish your work. We have the largest exercise mat in the Baltimore County area with 5 Regular Masters on Staff. We are family-owned and operated, so we fully understand the need to make sure your children are safe while they continue to learn and grow socially and educationally.

Our After School Program in Perry Hall offers:

Homework & Study Time

Confidence Building

Team Building Activities

Bully Defense

Tkd4Kids / Kali4Kids

Free Pick-Up

If you are tired of planning the same birthday parties at home for your children each year, try something new! Our Perry Hall location offers the biggest training mat in Baltimore County, along with the widest range of Master Instructors. Our birthday parties are packaged by 4-hour time slots. If your party is going to run past the 4 hour mark, we will provide you the ability to purchase each additional hour at a discount. All you need to do is provide the people and the cake, and we will handle the rest! Our parties include games, contests, fun martial arts moves, music, food, etc. Contact us today at 410-256-3474 to set up your birthday party that kids are sure to remember!
Our upbeat, high intensity workout will whip you into shape while also having fun with your friends. From jabs, crosses, uppercuts, kicks, endurance/bag workouts and more, you will have everything you need to lose weight and tone up while having fun doing it! Our resources have been used in order to assure that our students may have a well rounded work out. Teaching Cardio Kickboxing is something many martial arts schools offer. Most claim to be the best, yet NWMA claims that not only will you receive some of the finest Cardio you can find around Perry Hall, but that you will love our bright and enjoyable atmosphere, family attitudes, intense workouts, and yes, even the price! Our workouts vary from day to day. One day may be obstacles to challenge yourself through and weight training, as the next is running and ab workouts! along with those workouts, we also offer station workouts, bag workouts, and much more! Come check it out! This is the ONLY school where you can enjoy a Cardio workout while your children are taking their classes ranging from Taekwondo to Kali4Kids! Why drive around dropping kids off one place while you go to another to train? Do everything at the same location. No where else but at NWMA will you find the offerings and programs we provide. New Wave Martial Arts is truly Second to None!
In our rotating curriculum, three months of the three primary modules (DS/SS/EH) are taught in succession. Students are eligible to be taught the fourth module, Flow and Application, after testing on the other three modules. The F&A Module can be taught during regular classes or as a separate class.
Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is one of the oldest Kali-Systems of the Philippines. It originated in the central region of the Philippines. Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is a compact and comprehensive fighting system. It encompasses all phases of self-protection. Instructed by Mandala Bobby “Bobbylon” Ladra,PTK Classes Include Training In:

Pangamut – Hand to Hand Combat Technique

Edged and Impact Weapon Tactical Training

Reality-Based Street Applications

Special Programs of Instruction In: Women’s Street Self Defense

Law Enforcement / Military Personnel

With the prevalence today of innocent people getting attacked more often, the potential of becoming a statistic is now even greater than it was years ago. Even school buses are no longer safe. Walking to your car in a parking lot is a risk, although always taken for granted. Even worse is the severe chance that one of your children could be attacked as they walk down a neighborhood sidewalk, playground, etc. It is time that people take seriously the chances we all take every day. By learning “effective” self defense, you can prepare yourself and your children. Bullying is a serious problem but your child does not have to remain defenseless. Once an attacker enters your circle of safety, you are no longer safe. At New Wave Martial Arts in Perry Hall, we can teach you to be prepared, effective and a danger when the attacker simply figured they had another victim. Our training is safe, yet totally effective and could mean the difference between you and your children arriving home safe…or not. Don’t delay another day. Visit us and Master Rick will demonstrate a couple moves that you will find so easy, yet so capable of stopping an attacker in their tracks. What have you got to lose except remaining a potential victim.
If you are looking for the perfect program to keep your child busy this summer, look no further! Perry Hall Summer Camp 4 Kids is now offered at New Wave Martial Arts for Children ages 4 and up! Our Program will prove to be fun for your children, while also allowing them to grow individually, socially and educationally.

Perry Hall Summer Camp 4 Kids ACTIVITIES

 Educational Games  Learning Activities  Daily Taekwondo / Kali4Kids – Kids have fun while building confidence, bully defense, etc.  Snack / Lunch Time  Field Trips

Is your child shy? Disrespectful? Have learning disabilities? Well, that is guaranteed to change while taking our TKD classes! Our instructors are top of the notch in knowing how to take care of these problems! Within just a few short weeks we can change them from shy to outgoing, from disrespectful to respectful, from learning disabilities making things difficult to easing them into dealing with their disabilities properly. The list goes on! In our classes we merge lessons into games to where they don’t even notice they are learning! They love the games to where it’s all they want to do, but it isn’t all fun and games. We also offer sparring classes and forms nights to help them with their techniques. TKD Classes are designed specifically for children ages 4 and up. We won’t let you down, they will love it! We recommend coming 2-3 times a week so your child does not forget things or does not get overwhelmed, but in reality you can come as often as you’d like! There are no limitations! And if you want to join as well alongside your child, we have no problem!
Taekwondo is a martial art originating from Korea. “Tae” meaning “the art of smashing with knee or foot”, “Kwon” to “smash with fist or elbow”, and “Do” the “art and way of life”. We aim not only to teach you the background of Taekwondo, but also the techniques used. Our goal at NWMA is to not only teach you the techniques and choreography of the moves, but also how to apply it in everyday life and out on the streets. From ages 13 and up, we merge Hand-to-Hand Combat Self Defense into the Taekwondo lessons. Especially for young teenage girls and bullied victims, this will be extremely helpful as it is extremely effective. With these combined classes in Perry Hall, you will learn how to not be scared on streets at night!

Taekwondo For Kids

Taekwondo For Adults

Cardio Kickboxing

Self Defense For Teens / Adults